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Young but legal Teen-Sex-Action.

Beautifuly Boys and Girls just turned 18.

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Next to Horny 18 or Tight Teens the line of gerade mal 18 (means: just turned 18) is the most famous film series from Tino Media. The motto is genuine. Not trimmed to about young, but really young girls and boys, yet of legal age.


Tino Media (Made in Germany) is distinguished from the european actors between 18-21 years of age and usually have no experience in the porn scene. Thus, these films are especially high because the actors play out here on the one hand unplayed there sex life and other, recordings are made professionel. That is why this films are more realistic.


18 USC 2257

All models and the characters they portray were over 18 years of age at the time of photography.

Websites and movies of Tino Media conforms to 18 USC 2257 US Federal Law.



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gerade mal 18 #27 Download Horny 18 Download Bi-Teens direkt download Bi-Teen english
Bi-Teen deutsch Teens, gerade mal 18 Berliner Lust Horny Teens gerade mal 18 #23


Tino Media offers:
- Berliner Lust
- Clickenficken
- Horny 18
- Junge Knospen
- Mädchenliebe
- Mea´s Funhouse
- Meine geile Kamera
- Öffentlicher Nahverkehr
- Partysex
- Pissing
- Porn Academy
- Teen Power
- Teen Sensation
- Tight Anal
- Tight Teens



Alle Darsteller haben das 18. Lebensjahr vollendet und stellen volljährige Personen dar.

Tino Media produziert nicht gerade mal seit gestern sondern bietet Qualität seit über 18 Jahren im Teen-, Bi-. und Gaybereich.

Diesen Film gibt es natürlich auch als DVD bei Tino Media im Tinoshop.


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